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    Moody, crazy and grumpy at times (who isn't? ^_^). I prefer to live in my own imaginary world. This is part of my real world ^_^.
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    Thursday, May 8, 2008,3:31 PM
    Perfect Gift
    **disclaimer: this special entry is written in fully English**

    Yesterday, had a chance to talk to my mom. She told me about what happened on their way back from Kelantan. Somehow it did bother me, a lot. It affected my mood and emotion. And then Wahidah told me about something else... hmmm..

    I don't know, but I kept on thinking about the fact of life. How cruel it can be to you. People come in and go out of your life. Yes, it is normal but sometimes it seems so unfair. Why would you be closed to someone just to lose that someone? I lost heaps of good friends along the way, even a closed cousin. Again, another question was thrown to be answered: on what basis the friendship is built?

    Memory lives forever. It does and it hurts. Given a choice, I want to be able to erase all the memories. Sometimes they can be very poisonous, slowly killing you from the inside. Today should be a new day. Whatever happened yesterday, no matter how great the day was, should be erasable. No point of looking back at those days coz it might not happen again.

    Wahidah, my dearest cousin whom I've been with since we were small. We grew up together, and we made our own friends. We headed our own way. Now, she's a wife, and a mother. But she's still there for me. You didn't kick me out of your life after your marriage, and I love you for that.


    Nabil, I am still wondering. I'm not too attached to you, as I am (or was) with other people. I didn't spent most of my times with you. We just chatted. But you would always be there when I need you. No matter what I did, you would back me up even though you knew I was wrong. You are the only friend that I trust with a long lasting friendship.


    Having my family around me, and knowing the fact that I still have two good people in my life - they made such a perfect gift for me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

    Special thanks to Yi Tian, Rianne and Alexa for cheering me up when I was extremely down last nite. You guys are 100% rite - I am so blessed to have such cool flatmates!


    And Yana, I just started to know you. It saddened me a bit to accept the fact that you might be somewhere around the globe next year. I wish you could stay. But no matter where you are, I hope we can continue to have what we have rite now.



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