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    Friday, February 6, 2009,3:55 PM
    My good friends would know I'm the greatest fan of Superman. Kipas susah mati dalam direct translationnye. Sebagai true fan, of course I hate Lana Lang yang merosakkan jalan cite. Not just Lana Lang, but I also blamed the writers yang merosakkan mythology Superman. Darn! I was the happiest person when Lana Lang was voted as the least worst character for 2 consecutive years. Yesterday, I couldn't be more happier..

    Smallville dah masuk season 8 skang ni. Start of season 8 memang best coz Lana dah xde. But, they brought her back as guest star pada episode ke-10 (untuk 5 episode). Only God knows betapa sengsaranya nak tengok 5 episode tersebut. Last week's episod was sangat teruk. Menurut Kryptonsite, "the episode was not universally well-received (at least according to the forums)." So true. I did the poll and the result was AWFUL!

    Among the comments:

    I am personally sick to death of the Clana stuff. This season was sooo good and then they had to bring up this crap again. How the heck are the gonna fix this so they don't make Lois look like a second choice?! Lana shouldn't even still be on the show, especially with Clark already working at the Daily Planet! Then they go and make Lana want to be all powerful so she can save the world by Clark's side, how much more corny can you get. I am so upset right now. One of the worst episodes of the entire series. It's not Allison Mack's fault, she did a great job directing even though the story was crap. Next week better sweep up this huge mess and toss it all in the dumpster FOR GOOD.

    Lois, who? Lois Lane? Oh yeah, you're the gal that Kal-El, I mean Clark Kent, I mean Red and Blue Blur, I mean pathetic prideless pansy settled for. Oh yeah, that's right, you're the rebound chick that got him by default. Now I remember you.
    UGH! How could DC allow these characters to be spat on like this?!!!!

    What will Smallville be remembered as...
    Smallville will be remembered as the show about the young, pathetic, bellyaching, emasculated Clark Kent that was OBSESSED with L. Lang and then settled for Lois Lane by default and rebound!!!!
    Ugh!!!! 70 years!!! 70 years of mythology of the legendary love of Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane and this is what they do, Superman loving her as a rebound????!!!! It's disgusting and nauseating!!! What a disgrace!!!

    "And a really nice touch that last scene at the DP. Way to destroy 70 years of Lois/Clark/Superman mythology by now making that rooftop a clana crime scene. Wonderfully done.
    It will take a real miracle to make this Clark worthy of Lois Lane's love."
    Brilliantly said!!!!! I LOVE it!!! Bravo to you!!!!!

    The episode "Power" last night was a joke plain and simple. Everything that was built up this year has been cheapened beyond belief. If they had pulled this shit last year it would have been the status quo and we would have cringed but rolled with it. But with the new direction of the show we had faith that the new showrunners were finally going to move behind the high school melodrama and give us the young Superman series that we had all signed on for. Last night was just regression run amok. You claim to have many more stories to tell that justify a season 9 for Smallville. Really? Because if last night's episode was any inclination of what you had in mind...I'll pass. Been there - done that for 8 years.
    How can the producers justify having dropped a main character that played an important role in the initial arc of the season; backtrack and create an entirely new arc that completely undoes all that was accomplished? Is there any other show that would randomly have a main character disappear for 5 episodes? No.
    Once Lois Lane became a viable love interest as a storyline and once there were feelings that apparently EVERYONE is aware of, this shit is no longer acceptable in any fashion. It wasn't good enough that the former showrunners had Clark kidnap a pregnant and married Lana Lang? Or that the supposed love of his life, Lana Lang, has the most skewed moral compass ever? You guys have ruined Superman for an entire generation. Good job. Your ratings improved this year because you fooled us into thinking there would be a change. You gave countless interviews about how the new season was going to be fresh and new, but after the fifth episode you all disappeared because you no doubt expected this shit storm.
    As one of your loyal fans of the past 8 years, I deserved better...we all deserved better than this piss poor incarnation that you like to call Clark Kent.
    Shame on you.

    And smalam (actually Khamis kat US) was lana Lang last ever episode in Smallville. Again, another bad storyline. Untuk poll tu, ade 5 ratings. Awesome, great, ok, poor & awful. Mari kite lihat ape kate survey! Untuk episode terakhir Lana ni, result is almost equally even between awesome & awful. So far, awful lebih satu vote jek :P

    BUT the comment made by this one person made sense gak ler. Diye tulis "We LOVED it because we know that Lana is GONE for good.... it was AWFUL because she was in it! It was GREAT to see her leave... It was Ok to see Oliver hurt because he had his shirt off... It was POOR that we had to see Clark without his shirt because he was with Lana."

    Kesimpulannya, I am happy! Haha
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