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    Moody, crazy and grumpy at times (who isn't? ^_^). I prefer to live in my own imaginary world. This is part of my real world ^_^.
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    Thursday, February 5, 2009,3:19 PM
    Tic Tac Toe
    Si Nabil la ni... dok mengetag orang..

    1. Do you think you're hot?
    Dulu masa memula sampai sini, ade sorang ni tengah bercuti kat sini gak. Nama diye pun Lin. Yang tu orang panggil diye Kak Lin hot :P

    2. Upload your favourite picture of you!

    3. Why do you like that picture?
    Sape yang x suke ngan baby? So pure...

    4. When is your last time you ate pizza?
    2nd week balik sini. Me & Yana were having Poppa's Pizza.

    5. The last song you listened to?
    Theme song untuk Big Bang Theory. Oh yeah.. that's my new favorite comedy.

    6. What are you doing right now beside this?
    Having lunch while waiting for my baju dikeringkan oleh dryer.

    7. What name do you prefer besides yours?
    Dari skolah lagi dah gune "dlyn". Funny thing is.. Syafiq thought Dlyn Azmi was actually my real name hahhaa he was wondering how on earth orang zaman dulu-dulu could give such a fancy name (fancy ke? haha)

    People I tag : (terpulang lah nak wat atau tak.. ikut kelapangan)
    1. Nabil - As usual I will tag him even though he was the one who tagged me :P
    2. Kak Lieza
    3. Yana
    4. Iezza
    5. Wahidah

    8. Who is number one?
    My best buddy kat UPM. Orang yang paling sabar melayan karenah giler saya ;)

    9. Number three is having relationship with?
    My orang kampung hahahha

    10. Say something about number 5.
    My best cousin!!!!

    11. How about number 4?
    Baik budak nye.. slalu kasi hadiah.. thanks heaps!

    12. Who is number 2?
    New blogger kat blogspot. Someone you can turn to. Ni nak kasi bahan untuk Kak Lieza update blog hehe

    Okes Nabil. Nak tic tac tanpa toe huhu
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