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    Moody, crazy and grumpy at times (who isn't? ^_^). I prefer to live in my own imaginary world. This is part of my real world ^_^.
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    Monday, February 9, 2009,5:16 PM
    How I Spent My Money Yesterday
    Yesterday, I drove Farael & Aizat to Warehouse City Center & Harvey Norman. My only intention was to just driving them there. Okay, maybe to buy some DVD-R coz I'm one heck of a pirate :P, as well as having a look at the DVD players displayed on the shelf.

    I clearly told Farael, whatever it is, do not let me buy the player even though I was looking for one. Unfortunately while he was looking for his thingy, my eyes were fixated on the word "SALE". Together with Aizat, my partner in crime, we searched for the best deal and found one.

    Yup, very cheap, a multizone player that is capable of playing DivX format. What can be better for this Queen of Pirate? Dear Lord, I'm so weak to resist the temptation made by my inner demon. So I called the salesman, and the rest was history. By the time Farael rejoined with us, it was too late for him to say anything :lol:

    It costs me not just money, but my sleep as well. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't watching anything last night, but I spent my time trying to fix something -sigh- Managed to successfully connected it, but then.. no color?? Read the manual on troubleshooting to no success. Owh, what else can this not-so-handy lady do with the technical problem she's facing? Sob sob.

    Why am I writing in full English? Since I got here, I hardly write anything in complete English except for my report. But that's technical writing. Somehow, I just miss English!

    p/s: Frank txted me last night, waving goodbye forever to New Zealand. Again, I lost another dear friend. -sigh-
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