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    Moody, crazy and grumpy at times (who isn't? ^_^). I prefer to live in my own imaginary world. This is part of my real world ^_^.
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    Thursday, July 16, 2009,8:04 PM
    It was 9.22 pm on July 15, 2009.

    4 hours earlier, I helped OMSA preparing acar for International Food Fest. Then rushed back to my lab. Soon afterwards, I rushed back home to get changed since I'd already promised MM to play pingpong. But I still have heaps of works to do so I decided to go back to my lab after pingpong.

    By 9 pm, we finished playing. As planned, I went to the lab, sat there for few moments, in the middle of txting when I felt a little bit of swaying. I thought it was because I was still tired from playing so I didn't really bother. Not until Yaoyao and Thomas asked if I felt the building was shaking. The building started to sway again, the blinds were moving, and I felt dizzy.

    Then only I knew it was an earthquake, my very first earthquake at a magnitude of 7.8, the strongest in 78 years! I was wondering, should I run out of the building? Yaoyao and Thomas seemed so relaxed so hey, I just stayed. With the minimum knowledge that I have in physics, I was pretty sure that the force was not enough to bring down the building, unless God says otherwise. So here I am, still alive telling the tale.. yada yada..

    Anyway, last night, went up to Highgate with Geoff, his grandson Zach and Yaoyao to gaze Saturn and Titan, its moon. Finally, I managed to see the ring of Saturn with my very own eyes. But still couldn't see Titan though coz I was so busy finding the right angle to view its ring -sigh- Well, Geoff's next plan.... to look for Milky Way somewhere in August!

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